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Miss Commonwealth
England Environment 2007

English translation is given below.

Polish Beauty Queens

Two Polish ladies - Marta and Dorota Lopatynska de Slepowron - took part in the beauty pageant Miss Commonwealth International.

Candidates form 53 countries contested in this pageant. All candidates were from the British Commonwealth countries. The event took place at Ramada Encore Hotel in Milton Keynes on 31December 2007.

Miss Commonwealth is a beauty pageant different from others. Contestants need not to be of size zero or very young. The maximum age limit is 50. and there are different categories. The main purpose of Miss Commonwealth beauty pageant is to create public awareness about charitable work for good causes and to help other people. All the winners must be involved in charitable work for good causes.

At New Year's Eve Gala at Hotel Encore, the stunning Beauty Queens from Poland - Marta and Dorota participated in fund-raising events along with other winners of Miss Commonwealth. The money was raised to help Arthritis UK, a charity for people suffering from arthritis. Dorota Lopatynska de Slepowron even offered her own painting on canvas "Friendship" to the charity, the painting was sold at an auction and the money went to Arthritis UK.

At this spectacular event, the Beauty Queens demonstrated not only their big hearts but also intelligence while answering to questions by the sponsors who asked about their interests, knowledge of foreign languages and plans for future.

After storming through the barrage of tough questions, the Beauty Queens appeared before the audience in their spectacular evening dresses. Dorota designed her own evening dress and also her daughter, Marta's.

The Polish Beauty Queens emerged out of this magnificent event with flying colours, each lady winning two titles: Dorota - Mrs Commonwealth England Environment 2007 and Poland Environment Queen of Friends of the Commonwealth 2007; Marta - Miss Commonwealth England Environment 2007 and Poland Environment Queen of Friends of the Commonwealth 2007.
Text by Katarzyna Kopacz
Translated by dr.inz.Atonu Pal

Model Portfolio
CoverLook Studio, London, 2007

Model Portfolio
Casting Time Model Agency, London, 2006

Click here to see my achievements at beauty pageants.

Swatch Alternative Fashion Week 2007

Miss Polonia 2006

Miss London UK 2006

Press about me in 2007 :

English translation is given below.

Polish accent in British competition
Marta Lopatynska de Slepowron is a candidate in this year's Miss beauty pageant. This 24-year-old Polish girl is the first to represent our country in the history of this competition.
Katarzyna Kopacz : Who told you for the first time that you are beautiful?"
Marta Lopatynska de Slepowron : My history with beauty began with Miss Polonia UK 2006 beauty pageant. It may sound a bit funny but that time I had completely different style and garments. I was a modest girl. It was my Mum who persuaded me to be in the contest. For the first time I heard from the other girls in the competition that I am beautiful, they talked among themselves "Look, how beautiful is Marta, she will be a big competition for us."
Many of these girls were zealous. It is my Mum who always says that I am beautiful and she has convinced me that I look good and I should appreciate my looks. Miss Polonia UK 2006 beauty pageant has also convinced me of values of my beauty. I got so much confidence in myself that I decided to be in Miss London UK 2006. The fact that I was a finalist was a huge achievement because more than 1000 girls applied for this beauty pageant. I reached the last top 20s thanks to my Mum who prepared all my outfits and she also taught me how to walk, dance and present myself on the stage.
Marta has been living in London for the last 12 years. She comes from Gdansk. Her star sign is Sagittarius. She has AVCE in Leisure & Tourism from Westminster Kingsway College. Then she attended private college "London School of Beauty and Make-up." She is now studying Art & History at Open University. Her aim is to become a teacher or art curator at the national gallery where she works now. Her hobbies include music, dance, travel and fashion. She is fond of theatre, paintings and sculptures.
You are the only Polish girl in How did you get the idea to compete in this beauty pageant?
It is true that I am the first Polish girl and want to represent my country to the best of my abilities. Thanks to my Mum, I speak Polish very well. Also I speak English very well because I've lived in London for 12 years. Since I am bi-lingual, it will benefit me because I speak fluent English, necessary for stage interview at the pageant. Returning to the question what motivated to this beauty pageant, well, I thought that if I won, then I could have helped charity organisations, to save children's lives. May be thanks to my activities, schools would be built in poor countries; children would have clean water to drink and food. Of course, beauty is also important for me. However, I am confident that beauty must go hand in hand with goodness. It is not enough to be beautiful outside, it is also necessary to have a beautiful soul.
Before a beauty pageant, many candidates work hard for their bodylines and undergo many beauty treatments. How have you prepared yourself for this event?
My preparations are very intensive and exhaustive. I have worked hard to get the highest number of text votes. Every text vote cost Ł1, the profits have gone to Rainbow Child Foundation.
Moreover, I work hard for my body lines, I go for dance classes at Pineapple Studio, where I learn bollywood dances. I also learn yoga with my Mum, I also have choreography lessons. I also regularly go to beauty salons and have facial care, so that my skin always looks fresh.
Beauty is not everything. The candidates have to answer to many questions at the interview. Have you also prepared yourself for such "intellectual" contest?
Certainly. I know that I have to answer clearly and to the point. At the moment, I have prepared answers for many questions. However, questions are different every year and I have to prepare for all possible questions. My Mum works very hard so that I represent at the highest level in all categories. It is a great intellectual contest as well.
Before the "live final", there is now text voting on internet. You have a very high position. How did you motivate people to vote for you?
I work at the National Gallery where I meet many artists. They are wonderful people, who have a different spirit and attitudes. I am also very popular at the Gallery. Lots of people support me and have voted for me because by voting for me, they are helping poor children also. I convey the same message to everybody. Everyday I work several hours for this promotion. It is really hard work.
If you become Miss England, what would change in your life?
Above all, as said before, I would help charities. Apart from Rainbow Child Foundation, I also think of children homes in Gdansk. I was born in Tri-city, my Mum had her English language school in Gdansk. During X-mas, we would go to children homes to give the children toys. The Director told me "See, Marta, you are really lucky to have your Mum and Dad." This sentence and sight of the poor children remain in my memory for ever. That is why I want to help those children, who have no parents. If I become, I would materialize my plan. I would also like to see this title help me travel around the world, to meet new people and cultures. I also dream to be a model. I also think of acting, but these are ambitious plans.
Thank you for interview.
Katarzyna Kopacz
Editor, Polish Express
Translated by dr.inz. Atonu Pal

English translation is given below.

The Most Beautiful Model of the UK - a Polish girl?
Jaromir Rutkowski interviews Marta Lopatynska de Slepowron - the Polish-born British citizen - a finalist in the Miss ModelUK beauty pageant
Please introduce to the "Laif" readers.
I was born in Gdansk, a very beautiful historical city. For 12 years, I've been living in London. I recommend everybody Jarmark Dominikanski where I love to buy amber jewellery. I also love the beautiful beaches where I always have good times.
Tell me about you.
I am a Sagittarius. I am ambitious and have plans for the future. I am very sociable. I love to talk with people and go for dancing with friends. My favourite music is RnB, hip-hop and rock. I attend bollywood dance classes in London. It is my passion because it emanates joys of life. I study Art and History at university in London. In future, I want to be a teacher for children of age six to ten. Another plan is to be museum art curator.
Why participate in Miss ModelUK pageant?
When I was younger, I wore clothes like a boy. However, when Mum took me to Miss Polonia pageant, I discovered beauty of women. I desired to be admired. From that time on, I've worked hard to achieve grace, elegance and feminine charm.
Is this your first appearance in such pageants?
No, last year I was a finalist in Miss London 2006. I was in the last 20s. It was a great success considering there were more than a thousand candidates. I was very pleased and proud. Unfortunately, during my stage interview, the microphone did not work properly and the judges could not hear me properly. I am sure that it affected the verdict.
What is the present situation in Miss ModelUK pageant?
Out of 50 girls, 35 have been selected. I am among them. At the moment, text vote is going on. Everybody can send text vote for his or her own candidates. The twenty highest text vote receiving girls go for the live final and the winner of text votes receives a certificate from Rainbow Child Foundation because the money from text vote goes for this charity in Cambodia for their work for children, who eat from dustbins.
Can you check the results live?
Yes at By clicking the right link, one can see the graph showing the votes each candidate has obtained. At present, I am at the highest position, hence I am in a very strong position to win. But the competition is intense, every morning I check with Mum the graph on computer to check the results. This is my last chance for such pageant because of my age, which is 24 now.
What will be the live final like?
It will be in Hastings on the sea. I will present myself in casual wear, party wear and eveningwear. Then the judges will ask questions on the stage. In Miss ModelUK pageant, not only looks and grace but also personality counts.
What you tell the judges?
My message is that if I won, I would help charities working for poor people in Africa and India and also children homes in Poland. Once I had a chance to visit one and saw how two children shared a bed. I felt like crying. My personal plan is to become a model in future.
And if you win Miss ModelUK?
I will be a finalist in Miss England and if I won Miss England, I will go for Miss World.
I wish you all the best.
Written by Jaromir Rutkowski
Translated by dr.inz. Atonu Pal

English translation is given below.

Jaromir Rutkowski interviews Dorota Lopatynska de Slepowron - the Bollywood actress, TV star, fine artist, fashion designer of medieval dresses and an unique source of secrets of the universe.
What kind of paintings do you paint?
I paint like Matejko. Every detail properly worked out. I've seen paintings in exhibitions where the whole canvas is covered with one colour and a few drops are splashed over it. It is not the artist's ethics. This is ugliness.
I can see that eye is your favourite symbol.
It represents Horus. I feel a special connection between this enlightened entity and me. When I lived in India for 3 years where everybody had a respect for me, admired me and brought me flowers.
And how is it here?
Last year, two of my paintings were exhibited at Summer Exhibition 2006 at Royal Academy of Art. I submitted three but one was censored because it reveals secrets.
What is that secret?
It is better not to write here because you will be at risk. They know that I know but nothing matters to me any longer. I want love to survive, so that love does not disappear in this world. And they want to eliminate human kind, destroy love and replace beauty with ugliness and stupidity. Hence, I am glad that magazine like "laif" has appeared.
What "Laif" has in common with this?
"Laif" represents joys of life. Enough of such magazines with serious subjects. Finally something light. I support those women who propagate love like in my paintings.
How did you become fashion designer of medieval clothes?
During one trip to Greenwich, the secret place where time starts and ends, I found one shop selling medieval dresses. I liked them very much. As I entered the shop, the owner, an elderly lady, could not take her eyes off me. That was encounter of the third kind. She forecast that one day I would continue her work.
And that time you began designing your medieval dresses?
No. Next year I went to the same shop but it was closed. The next door shop owner told me that the elderly lady had left this world. Then I sat on the river bank, looked at the ships and said to myself that her soul might not find peace, she might have really wanted to continue her work. That time I started sketching the first designs.
And how did you manage to act in Bollywood films?
I took my daughter to the photo studio for her portfolio, she is young with a bright career ahead. And the photographer looked at me and said, "Why don't you want to be a model with such a beautiful face?" He convinced me. With my portfolio, I went to casting agencies in London. After some time, somebody called me and asked if I was interested to act in a Bollywood film that was being filmed in London.
Which films have you acted in?
Up to now three films. They haven't been yet released; hence I do not know the titles. They were shot in London. I was a casino croupier in the first film. In the second, I danced and sang at Trafalgar Square and then I was a reporter among crowds. In the third film, I was with Amitabh Bachchan, the greatest Bollywood star.
Is it true that you have been in TV shows as well?
Yes, in all the episodes of popular TV serial "How to look good naked". They will be emitted on Channel 4 in May. When the casting called me with this offer, I thought I as a Bollywood actress should be naked on a TV show. But they clarified that it is a program about women with low self-esteems about their bodies. I was with a group of other models - it is a program about women with imperfect bodies. They showed us the main participants who had terrible complexes due to their imperfect bodies. As I was there, I looked at myself and concluded that it was not too bad with me.
Very colourful career history
That is not all. I was also in a TV commercial for chewing gum "TREND".
Written by Jaromir Rutkowski
Translated by dr.inz. Atonu Pal

English translation is given below.

She is a true aristocrat with Coats of Arms Slepowron dated 18 century. She is the only Polish girl in competition in England. She is at the top of list with 39 other contestants. The live final will be on 13th May at De Vere Grand Hotel at Brighton.
Marta, 23 years old, has brown eyes and brown hair. She can dance and sing. She studies art & History at Open University. The Polish press in London finds her a hot favourite. When asked if she would like to win, she says very much. She says that she wants to be like her mum. She is an idol of women and elegance. She was a famous model, now she is an actress. Marta says that if I win, I would dedicate my time to charities in Gdansk.
When in Poland, we brought presents to children homes in Gdansk. Marta was born in Poland, Mother Polish, Father Indian. They met at Technical University of Gdansk. They got married and Marta was born. They tried to live in Poland but somebody threw a bottle with petrol into their home, at school the children tore her books. She couldn't understand why they did so. It was hell, says Mum Dorota.
The family went to India. Father was Director of Shipbuilding Institute, Mum was a photo model. Marta, born in Europe, could not cope with the hot Indian climate, she was constantly sick. They've lived in London for 12 years, Marta has finished college, she works at the National Gallery, sometimes as a model. Marta has very good chance to become Miss 2007.
Marta says, "I feel like a Polish girl. We speak Polish at home and celebrate all Polish festivals"
Written by Iwona Havranek
Translated by dr.inz. Atonu Pal

English translation is given below.

Will it be a scandal?

We have published an article about the British model of Polish origin, who was a finalist in Miss - the beauty pageant for the most beautiful model in England. It appears that although our native girl was a hot favourite, she did not win because the judges selected a girl, who appeared at the last moment in the final, without taking part in the heats.
Marta Lopatynska de Slepowron is shocked because she was the winner of public text vote and she was confident to win. She says, "If the winner were a girl who was with us from the beginning, I would not have anything to say." Now, she wishes to take the matter to court for justice. But the organizers have gone underground.

Anglicy oszukali dziewczyne z Polski

Wielki skandal podczas wyborów najpiekniejszej modelki!

Wygrala "dziewczyna znikad", a organizatorzy uciekli.
Marta Lopatynska de Slepowron (23 l.), polska arystokratka od 12 lat mieszkajaca w Anglii, byla faworytka podczas wyborów Najpiekniejszej Modelki Anglii. Jednak jury wybralo nikomu nieznana dziewczyne, Janine Allen Robertson, która pojawila sie kilka godzin przed konkursem i nawet nie brala udzialu w kwalifikacjach! Gdy ogloszono ostateczny werdykt, natychmiast zaczely sie protesty. Jednak organizatorzy zwineli sie tak szybko, ze nie zdazyli nawet misskom porozdawac koron!
Polka jest zszokowana, bo publicznosc wybrala wlasnie ja, a to wlasnie ich glosy mialy zadecydowac, kto wygra. Za strój, gracje i wywiad dostala maksymalna liczbe punktów. - Gdyby wygrala inna dziewczyna, która uczciwie od poczatku byla z nami, nie mialabym zalu - mówi. I zapowiada, ze bedzie dochodzic sprawiedliwosci. Problem jednak w tym, ze z organizatorami konkursu nie mozna sie skontaktowac telefonicznie - wlacza sie automatyczna sekretarka - a na e-maile nie odpowiadaja. A na stronie ostatnie informacje pochodza... sprzed roku.
Written by Iwona Havranek

English translation is given below.

Englishmen cheated Polish girl

Big scandal at the most beautiful model beauty pageant !!

"The girl from nowhere" won and the organizers disappeared.
Marta Lopatynska de Slopwron (age 23) is a Polish aristocrat living in London for 12 years. She was a favourite in the most beautiful model beauty pageant in England. However, the judges selected a girl, Janine Allen Robertson, hitherto unknown because she was not in the heats and appeared at the last moment from nowhere. When the results were announced, immediately protests started. However, the organizers disappeared so quickly that they even didn't have the time to put the crown on the winners.
The Polish girl is shocked because the public selected her and it is the public whose votes decide the winner. She received the highest points for her outfits, elegance and stage interview. Marta says, "If this girl would have been with us from the very beginning, then I have no problems with it." She says that she will look for justice. The only problem is that the organizers can not be contacted on the phone. The answering machine rings and the emails are all unanswered. And the web site contains information from last year.
Translated by dr.inz. Atonu Pal

Live Final of 2007
De Vera Grand Hotel, Brighton, 13 May 2007

Candidate No 20 is Public Text Vote Winner with 144 votes.
She is Marta Lopatynska-de-Slepowron.

She is Miss Publicity

Promotion of Anti-Size Zero models
Modelling in Sopot, Poland, August 2007

Model : Marta Lopatynska-de-Slepowron

Romford Fashion Show 2008