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Press Articles in 2007
In 2007, two more press aticles appeared on Dorota's achievements. The first one, "Indians spotted her in London" was in the popular Polish tabloid "Super Express" in March 2007. The next article was in "The Polish Times" in October 2007, it was about Dorota's Anti-size zero campaign in modeling.
Super Express, March 2007, "Indians spotted her in London"

Indians spotted her in London
The whole India is amazed with the blue-eyed, blonde Dorota. This Polish lady has acted in films produced by Bollywood, the Indian film industry of dreams. Now she has received proposals from the British TV. Dorota Lopatynska-de-Slepowron lives in London with her Indian husband and daughter.
"Did we see your wife on the TV?" the neighbours ask Dr Atonu Pal , Dorota's husband. Proud as a peacock, he replies:
"Yes, that is my Dorotka."
One shot by Cupid
Dorota Lopatynska-de-Slepowron always dreamed to be an artist, however, instead of art school, she went to technical school. One day, she rushed to her Dad, professor at the Technical University of Gdansk. There she met her future husband, a PhD research scholar, Atonu. One look, one shot by Cupid and they could not take their eyes off each other.
They married in 1983, then daughter Marta was born. They left for India. Atonu became Director of Shipbuilding Institute, Dorota modelled for magazines. She became an idol for the Indians who adored beautiful Dorota with her white skin and blonde hair.
- It was like in heaven, but Marta's health was not good. We returned to Gdansk - Dorota continues.
People caused her pains because she married a coloured man.
- They hurled abuses, they threw a bottle with petrol inside my home. It was hell.
Indians loved her
They came to London. Atonu became an IT engineer. Dorota wanted to be a model but it was not easy. She devoted time to home and further education. In her free time, she began painting on canvas.
When her daughter, Marta decided to try her luck as a model, Dorota accompanied her for casting. She was then spotted.
I don't know if it were my looks. One agency had contacts with Bollywood - narrates Dorota - They were looking for actresses, they came to me with an offer.
The Indians fell in love with her and after her first appearance in "Cheeni Kum" ( meaning Less sugar ), that was shot in London, she was offered the next.
Like a national hero
Since May last year, she has acted in three films, one with Amitabh Bachchan, the Indian Superstar.
- I've acted in a casino scene, as an European. It was a small role - says Dorota modestly.
- Small role? Who acts in Bollywood films, is like a national hero. My grandparents in India tell friends that their daughter-in-law is on the silver screen at cinemas - says Marta, Dorota's daughter.
- This work is a pleasure. Everything is very well organized on the sets, the tables are loaded with food, make up artist and hairdressers wait for service - she says.
- Bollywood means light, colour, joy and life. This makes me very happy - she adds.
Desires to live
Thanks to the Bollywood films, she received other proposals. In September, she acted in British films, she was invited to TV studio five times. Next Monday, Swatch Alternative Fashion Show begins and she will be there with her medieval dress collection.
How strangely life moves on. In India, where I was on the front cover, I was unnoticed. Only here, in a foreign land, in London I was discovered by the Indians. - smiles Dorota.

Written by Iwona Havranek
Translated by Dr Atonu Pal, PhD

Polish Time, October 2007, "Anti-size Zero"

Against Size Zero

Dorota Lopatynska-de-Slepowron, Polish fine artist and Bollywood film actress, participated in Divinity Model Competition 2007. It was a competition that did not discriminate models against age, height or size and it promoted qualities more than looks. The organizers wanted to draw attention to non-zero sizes that also could be proud fashion icons.
Dorota Lopatynska-de-Slepowron said "I decided to take part in the Face of Divinity because it gave equal chance to all candidates irrespective of age or height. Moreover, they could have "normal" body statistics."
Her participation was a symbolic protest against the harmful practice of young girls starving and doing everything in order to achieve the desired Size Zero looks like popular actresses or singers. Her daughter Marta - model and finalist of many beauty pageants in the UK, actively supported her.

Katarzyna Kopacz
Editor, Polish Express
Translated by Dr Atonu Pal, PhD