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Press Articles in 2011
The Polish Times, April 2011, "Whole truth about Dorota"

Young people would have said that Dorota Lopatynska de Slepowron has a positive attitude to life. Recently she has become a star of Internet forums and life of a star can easily change to a nightmare on such forums where anybody can write whatever they want without knowing the facts. Now readers have an opportunity to know Dorota Lopatynska de Slepowron, the most colourful Polish personality in today's London.
In Dorota's living room, one can feel like Alice in Wonderland. Right from the doorstep, one can see riot of bright colours. Shelves are stacked with souvenirs. Immediately, one can notice the paintings on the walls. Every artwork is complete with minute details.
For example, let us take "Gateway to God". As the name suggests the painting is about the way to God. There are souls traversing the path mystically represented on the canvas. Every soul has a colour to differentiate from each other as humans are different in real world. The good souls are in red and the worst are in dark blue while pink colour represents the souls of virtues in between. There is also a place in the painting for demons who crave for God's love but instead of reaching God, they stop to shine in the vanity of diamonds. At higher levels are those who love animals and nature, next to them are lower angels. There are also humans who know the secrets of herbs and gemstones, the knowledge of which helps the angels in their duties. At the central position are the archangels - Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel and Metatron. Dorota places Jesus connected with God in the form of a lily. At the top right side is the pyramid representing alfa and omega, the greatest intelligence of the universe. On the left side is Horus serving God in sending humans to the earth.
Orgone and energy of the universe
It is true that Dorota Lopatynska de Slepowron is positively tuned. She is full with bright ideas, her spirit knows no barriers and her imagination is as beautiful as her paintings. She takes inspiration from books, that is why she frequently visits with her husband the British Library and this is the place where she learnt about orgone. In the 1930s, orgone was discovered by the Austrian psycho-analyst and sex-therapist Wilhelm Reich.
Orgone is positive life energy which humans need for healthy living. In today's world, such positive life energy is very less in our polluted environment as electro-magnetic waves from computers, TV sets, mobile phones, microwave ovens, gadgets, mobile phone masts, electric overhead cables and all electrical home appliances constantly pollute our clean environment. This motivated Dorota to take the initiative to make orgone generators that convert all the negative energy in our environment into positive orgone energy. However, making an orgone generator is hard work. "When I make them, my hands often get cut," explains Dorota, "Every orgone generator has aluminium and copper inside. Metal needs to be cut into small pieces. Crystal is added to the metal pieces. Then liquid organic matter is added to make the matrix. Finally, after drying amber and gem stones are added to decorate. "Orgone generators change negative energy into positive one. People feel better and happier." She adds that such devices help grow plants, flowers and trees grow faster and healthier. There is no lack of orgone generators in different designs and sizes in Dorota's house.
Dorota first presented her orgone generators in 2006 at Stoke Newington in North London. She recalls, "Most interestingly at that exhibition only good people came to us while bad ones avoided us from far. From that time, I have been trying with my husband to make people aware of orgone energy. However, only a narrow section of our society is aware."

Rudeness of Internet
Everything started with a short film made by a British film maker Tom Levinge. Living permanently in London, Dorota is registered with acting and model agencies. She has no complaints regarding such offers. She has already acted in several Bollywood films, her face can be seen in TV commercials, TV shows and in a hip-hop music video by Tag Team. In 2008, she was a catwalk model at the Romford Fashion show.
The film made by Levinge was meant to promote her portfolio. Tom saw my profile on my website and decided to make a film about my talents - my fashion designs, my paintings, my beauty pageants and my acting. He came to my home last summer and shot the film. When the film was uploaded to Vimeo, it became an instant internet hit. More than 157,000 people watched it within 2 weeks.
Dorota too uploaded the film on her YouTube channel. Unfortunately, this seemed to trigger the problems. The film was meant to be for watching only and not to be used by any external websites. Hence, she disabled embedding of this film. But there is no such security on internet that can't be tampered. There is plenty of advice on the net about how to copy pages and use in forums, about how to tamper with the "Embedding disabled" security feature. Soon the film appeared in the forum Powaleni.pl.
"I didn't want to read any comments because they represent education standard of 8th standard school level." The matter was in bad taste as many comments were racist. However, this was not the first time that Dorota and her husband were targeted by racists.

Polish "hospitality"
Dorota met her Indian-born future husband, Atonu Pal, in early 80s in Poland when he was doing doctorate studies at Shipbuilding Institute of Technical University of Gdansk. He spent years in the Tri-city and today he speaks fluent Polish. But it was not enough to be accepted by neighbours. "They tore our daughter's notebooks. One day the teacher told my husband not to come to school as he aroused unnecessary sensation. We couldn't go to the park for a walk to avoid worst racial abusive words," she recalls the reasons that made her family leave Poland for the UK. "We received anonymous letters with threats, to kidnap or kill our daughter, Marta. They shattered our glass windows and then threw a bottle with flammable liquid," she adds.
The hate comments at the internet forum are similar to the earlier racist nightmare in Poland. Dorota and her husband requested the Polish forums to remove their film from their sites as it was illegal. The forum administrator didn't reply at all.
"Unfortunately, people in Poland are interested only in vanity. They saw something out of context and snatched it like a hungry animal on fresh meat. In England, it is totally different. Here nobody judges anybody from looks, what counts is hard work," explains Dorota and adds,"Unfortunately some of her fellow countrymen are closed within their own circle and don't establish contact with others."
"I am a very hospitable person. I invite people to my home. They invite me as well. I have nothing against somebody publishing my film and photos in their own sites. However, I prefer them to taking my permission at first and to telling me the purpose," she explains.
The prime spot in the drawing room of Dorota Lopatynska de Slepowron is occupied by one painting presenting Piotr Rubik, conductor and song-writer.
"I painted him because I like his music very much. I have heard many negative comments about him. People are zealous of his success but they don't see the hard work behind this success."
The singer is with his wife and child in the painting. There are two more pairs on the other side of the piano, and above floats a swan representing God. At various places, Dorota has placed her orgone generators, they represent here truth. "I have painted here the truth which he has sung in his songs," she explains.
The melody painted by her sounds : " You have a right to dream and thrill, you have a right to love and live, you have a right to feel and choose, this is your chance to win or loose."

Dorota with her Orgone Generator